Twinkle Brands

Hi there!  First of all, thanks for checking out Twinkle Brands.  This is a company that has been evolving for 12 years. Since the beginning our products, from play cakes to gift packaging, have all been made from 100% wool felt.

I never thought of myself as a business person - I just like to make things.  But in 2006, my friend convinced me to start a business with her based on the felt hair clips we were making for my then infant daughter. 

We decided we would only make things that we liked out of materials that we like working with.  We loved working with felt, but we really didn't like the feel or look of the synthetic felts typically found at craft stores.  While some of the synthetics are eco-friendly (like made from recycled plastic bottles), we wanted something a little more luxurious and substantial.  I mean, after all, we would have to be creating with it everyday.  That's when we found wool felt.  Now there are a lot of "wool felts" out there.   It is available in many different blends - 50% wool, 50% acrylic etc.  What we decided worked best for us was 100% merino wool felt.  Once we found it there was no turning back.  I know I can kind of sound like a felt snob but our 100% wool felt is GORGEOUS!  So soft and vibrant - it just makes me smile to go to work and see it everyday.

What you will find here on the Twinkle Brands website are all the things that will hopefully make you smile too.  Our Twinkle Brands products are all made by hand in the USA.  And if you are inspired to make your own ideas come to life, we offer to you our 100% wool felt at the best possible prices. 

Happy shopping!

- Robin

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